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Your mind is not your friend but its not your enemy either

Observations from a silent retreat

The mind never stops,

Its incessant chatter- judgements, criticism, curiosity and delight,

Come just as frequently as the body breathes,

Both appear to be automatic processes.

Yet, allowing the mind to run on autopilot,

Can lead us into difficulties and dead ends.

Like a wild puppy, it needs to be trained,

Firmly yet gently.

Our minds can generate wonderful ideas and has

Been the catalyst for works of art, inventions such as skyscrapers, mobile phones and the internet.

It can also spurt out self-doubt, ridicule, judgement and criticism,

Sowing the seeds for potential destructive actions.

With mindfulness, also known as ‘awareness’, we can learn to discern which thoughts to follow

And which ones to let be, knowing that they will leave in their own good time.

Our minds like to time travel, to the regrets of the past and future fantasies.

With mindfulness we can learn to spend more time in the present,

Making the most of the here and now.

This moment, is where we can choose to do things differently, and our actions in the here and now can influence our future and remedy the past.

Paul Mc Carroll

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