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Some of my clients have decided to give testimonies of their experience of their recovery journey with me, to help others in their journeys

Happy Man
"Given Paul has experience of living with OCD he is in a unique position to help his clients experiencing similar challenges. Paul is friendly and puts you at ease. He helped me identify strategies which are helpful and equally as important those which are less helpful in managing anxiety. Crucially, I learned through working with Paul this is not about trying to 'push away' or 'problem solve' uncomfortable thoughts & feelings but more about making space for them as  you go about living you life, doing things that you value. I would recommend Paul to anyone who is struggling with OCD & Anxiety. He will support you in finding management strategies that work for you.
Paul Ockwell, Leeds, United Kingdom

When my wife was at her lowest, Paul was there to provide his expertise, but more importantly his personal experience in her battle to overcome OCD. Paul is flexible, supportive and has a genuine interest in the well-being in my wife and her recovery. My wife now is in a much better position than she was 6 months earlier, I thoroughly recommend Paul to anybody who is suffering with this debilitating mental illness.

W. Green, Brentford, England


I’ve been working with Paul on and off for the past couple of years as I was seeking a counsellor to support me flexibly in treating my OCD after 20+ years of suffering and trying different support techniques. What I really like about Paul is he’s able to talk from his own personal experience and demonstrates a lot of pragmatism as a result. He’s able to provide really good insight into treating OCD via different methods - using the likes of videos and diagrams to help me understand the concepts and use as references after our sessions. He’s also very easy to talk to and comes across as an engaging and knowledgeable counsellor which means the sessions are productive and I come away from feeling better. Doing virtual counselling can seem a bit daunting at first but given Paul’s skills in running sessions online and warm personality this barrier is easily overcome.  I’d definitely recommend Paul’s services to others seeking support for their OCD!

M, Godby, Englamd.

OCD was a part of me in nearly all facets of life since a very young age, it invaded me from all directions as an uncontrollable darkness that caused me pain, confusion and hopelessness, especially during adolescence. Since working with Paul, I feel I've been given the keys to many doors ahead. The weight of OCD and its manifestations suddenly began to loosen their grip and almost evaporate from who I once thought I was. He allowed me to understand and process the most integral and important aspects of my OCD whilst keeping me on track and present with what truly matters now moving forward. I can honestly say now that I've been given an opportunity to move on without my old friend, OCD. Paul provides a modern, fresh and scientifically-informed perspective on OCD and how to be free of it. He draws from a multitude of therapeutic perspectives to provide you a wide range of information, resources and most of all, insightful personal experience, only an OCD veteran can speak from. His methods are effective at targeting OCD as an objective medical condition, that can be reasoned with, critically understood and dissolved through commitment. I owe Paul everything, for allowing me to free myself from the grasp of OCD.

L. Fox, USA

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