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Compulsive checking- be gone!


🗣 One problematic symptom which may show up for people struggling with OCD is ‘checking’!

🗣 Do you check that your stove is off and then when you leave the kitchen- you have a nagging doubt that ‘maybe you didn’t’?

🗣 Do you check your car door to see if it is locked on the way into the supermarket, only to be filled with doubt, that maybe you left the car door OPEN?

🗣 If you struggling with ‘checking’ here’s a tip which will help you…❗️

🗣 It’s called ‘MINDFUL CHECKING’. So, the next time you check that the stove is off, that you have locked the back door or that the heating is off… check ‘ONCE’ and with ‘FULL ATTENTION’.


🗣 With problematic checking behaviours, the reason many people continue to check is that they haven’t checked that the thing is off- with ‘full attention’. They are generally ‘distracted’ so it makes sense that your brain is unsure and hence you begin to doubt, which then leads to the ‘compulsive checking’.


🗣So next time check with ‘FULL ATTENTION’ and what I hope you will find, is that over time you will have less of an urge to ‘check’ and feel more ‘at ease’ !


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